John Turtle at the Mill Hill Preservation Society

The annual Mill Hill Preservation Society summer footpath walk takes place today, Sunday 12th June 2016.

John Living, Chairman of the Mill Hill Preservation Society, writes:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a time when John Turtle was the Mill Hill Preservation Society – a champion of the Green Belt, who brought all his experience, intelligence and wit to bear deflecting developers and applications that would potentially destroy the Green Belt. His experience as a factories inspector was invaluable and he knew more wrinkles to upset other people’s apple carts than anyone I ever knew. John held the positions of Trustee, Chairman and later President.

In February 2011, it was with great surprise and regret that the Committee were told John wished to stand down from the Presidency and Trustee of the Society in order to become more actively involved with the Council for the Preservation of Rural England. Their gain was our loss. John made a huge contribution to the Society and is probably best known for his staunch defence of the Green Belt. It was the defence of Copthall Stadium against the planning application by Barnet FC that was probably his finest achievement – working with other local pressure groups they defeated the application having had it called in. This is not to belittle his other contributions such as the defeat of the Rosebank ‘Teletubby House’ on The Ridgeway, starting our web site, contributing scintillating editorials to our newsletters, ensuring St Joseph’s eventually had a sensible scheme, fighting off avaricious local landowners, and contributing to the concept of the Middlesex Regimental memorial outside St Paul’s church – just to mention a few.

The Green Belt of Mill Hill, as well as the community and the Society, have lost a formidable champion.

Ron Hobson Andrew Dismore MHPS
John attending one of the Society’s footpath walks with Sir Ron Hobson and Andrew Dismore, local MP at the time.



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