Christmas Rum Punch

imageI recently came across the recipe for the Radio Training Department’s rum punch, traditionally served at their Christmas party. For those who may have fond memories of that event, and those who just enjoy a warming Christmas drink, I have included the recipe, and John’s accompanying notes below:

RTD Punch

This rum punch was served for over 10 years at the BBC’s (then) Radio Training Department Christmas party, and gained a certain fame, or notoriety. No wine or snacks/nibbles were served, just mince pies with a limited range of soft drinks. The basis of the recipe comes from the Yachtsman’s Weekend Book, published about 1937, and as modified goes:

Required: Large preserving or similar pan, ladle, pyrex jug for serving and top-up.

Ingredients: 4 bottles cheapest red claret or other inferior red wine to approx one seventh of standard bottle of dark (cheapest) rum; generous pinch of mace, equally generous pinch ground nutmeg; 4 ripe tangerines, cut into quarters.

Allow half a bottle of wine per person. Have 2 lbs bag of brown sugar available, add to taste if required. Not used by RTD as sweetness of mince pies complements punch.

Method: Heat until nearly boiling. Do not place radiant ring on office carpet as fire may ensue.

Allow soft drinks (equivalent of 3 small bottles) for one in every five guests. About 3 mincepies is right, too.

John Turtle

Dec 2003



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